Will it work for me?

Sensi thermostats are designed to work on most heating and cooling systems

Snap Off

Check your wires

First, you will need to remove the thermostat faceplate from the subbase. It should easily snap off to reveal the wires and terminal labels. If you see two sets of terminal labels, enter only the labels that correspond to your system type (Heat Pump or Conventional) as they are indicated in the Wire Picker.

Verify Compatibility

Conventional systems include boiler, gas furnace, radiant heat, electric heat and air conditioning. Heat pump systems include heat pump, dual fuel, geothermal

  • Sensi thermostat is not compatible with line voltage systems. A line voltage thermostat will typically have wires larger than 18 gauge and may not have terminal labels. If you’re unsure of your system voltage, you or a contractor should measure voltage using a multimeter. Sensi thermostat is rated for 20-30 VAC.
  • Sensi thermostats are not compatible with millivolt system. A millivolt (mV) system operates on very low power, less than one volt. Sensi is designed for 20-30 VAC systems.
  • If your old thermostat has wires attached to the following sets of terminals, the Sensi thermostat is not compatible with your proprietary or communicating system:
    • 1, 2, 3, 4
    • A, B, C, D
    • V+, VG, RS-, RS+
    • R, 1, 2, C